My work aims to document the way I observe myself in the world. I was born to a French father and Spanish mother. As a young child I moved from Paris, France to the US. I attempted to fit into this new place every way I could. This included the intense observation of others. For years I watched every move my peers made in order to understand them better and therefore emulate their attitudes. This meant I was never truly myself.
It was in college that I discovered the term Third Culture which refers to those who do not fit into a particular culture because they are the product of many. These people, including me, become their own micro-culture, or third culture as a result of the combinations. Thanks to the realization that I could never be truly any of the multiple cultures I belonged to, I redirected the observation of others onto myself. 
I often work with the layering of material and expose the parts otherwise hidden. This is, of course, a metaphor for what I am trying to do for myself.
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