What lies beyond our perceptual limits?
My work and this piece explore this question by placing the partaker in situations where their senses are overridden or subverted in some way. Into the Dark is a multi-sensorial experience in which sensory information is given and altered creating a reality that is up for questioning. Goggles over the eyes split our binocular vision, leaving each eye to interpret differently; the video projection is only partially viewable through their translucency. 
The video below is an example of what it is like to view the work through one of the lenses.
Partakers were given a card at the end of their experience asking them to share their thoughts on the piece on shareintothedark.com where it is accessible to anyone. This allows others to see the variety of ways this highly controlled experience can be interpreted. With such a degree of difference, the question remains, are our senses sufficient tools for arriving at conclusions about our world and beyond?
The above video shows what it is like for one eye to view Into the Dark through the 3D-printed goggles.
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